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    Default Criminal Trespass

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Oregon

    I want to start off by saying my husband and I feel devastated and so does my daughter - so I'm not looking for lectures - just some advice... We have THOROUGHLY looked at the lessons involved here and are definitely learning some harsh lessons...

    with that said -

    My daughter, 15 years old, was caught shoplifting about 3 weeks ago. It was an item totalling $4.99. Yes, she has been disciplined (still grounded ) - although we do understand that teenagers do make mistakes...

    On top of this shoplifting charge she apparently signed a paper that stated she was banned from all stores of this chain in all of the United States...

    Today we were school supply shopping and we couldn't find a backpack.


    I suggested that we go to one of the stores in this chain - BUT NOT the one she was caught shoplifting at... She did try to argue about this paper and I told her - we will be in and out - 5 min. I told her she would be with myself and her dad - it would really be ok... *sick to my stomach here.

    We went in - within 2 min. we realize there isn't a proper backpack and she grabs a locker mirror - we go to check out and lo and behold the 'security woman' who charged my daughter at the other location just happens to walk in and over to us... I hurriedly checked out and left... She stood nearby but didn't say a word to us...

    Within 15 min. a police officer was at our front door - neighbor called us... We weren't even home yet.

    The police called us and we asked if he could meet us at the store... My husband proceeded to tell the store 'security' that it was our fault and we really didn't think it was a 'crime' - it was innocent and seriously just looking for a flippin' backpack... we pleaded... She told us my daughter committed a serious crime and it would be sent to the juvenile proscecutor and it would be up to them if he wanted to pursue it....

    My husband received a criminal trespass II charge... This is a locally owned store that we have been going to since we were young children...

    So - the history with my daughter is that in her freshman year of H.S. she got into a school yard fight... no one was seriously injured but the school police put an assault IV charge on her - long story and over with - she DID NOT start the fight... The charge never fully went through.. she did a few months of light probation - and community service which she CONTINUES to do even though she has served her 'punishment'.

    She has made mistakes but she is a good girl overall... Goes to school, gets decent grades, is polite, does not do drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol... We have a healthy family household... she has made her mistakes... She does not keep doing the same thing over and over, but has made some poor choices without realizing the ultimate consequence...

    we are sick to our stomachs.. .cannot afford an attorney NOR a large fine... I am concerned for her due to our choices and concerned for my husband...

    any suggestions or offer a thought of WHAT MAY happen with this???

    thank you ahead of time.

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