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    Default Willful Misconduct Dispute

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: Pennsylvania

    My last job was as a salesperson at a distributor in Philadelphia. The owner returned from a 5 year hiatus and flipped the company upside down changing my job description at least three times before I was eventually terminated. After checking up on my reporting, my manager realized that some of the names on my reports were incorrect. When questioned, I admitted to fault and informed him that I had spoken to someone at the given establishment however I filled out my reports hours later and I did not recall the names. After the fact I was allowed to go home with no reason to fear for my job. The following Monday, August 3rd, after a full days work, I was called into a conference with two managers and given two options,
    Option One: Admit my fault and have a chance to keep my job.
    Option Two: Admit to no fault and be terminated.
    I chose to attempt to keep my job by choosing Option One. I was then told to come back on the 24th of August to get my job back. At that point I applied for UC and received benefits for that time. I then received notice on August 14th that it was deemed prudent that I be terminated immediately. Since then my benefits have been cancelled after I had sent my disposition in written form to the UC Service center. They got back to me and said that my actions constituted willful misconduct and I am ineligible. I intend to appeal but I would like to see if there is any ground for me to stand on at the hearing.
    Thanks in advance for any advice...

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    Default Re: Willful Misconduct Dispute

    You say you committed willful misconduct - filling in fictitious names to cover up your failure to obtain and enter proper contact names. If that's why you were denied UI, I think you're going to have an uphill battle on appeal.

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