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    Default Starting a "Beer on Sunday" Business

    My question involves business law in the state of: Indiana
    Is it legal for me to start a business where I drive to Ohio and buy beer on Sunday legally, and deliver it to people in Indiana and only charge a delivery price? since the beer was bought legally in Ohio, I figured I could give it away for free and just charge for delivery! Its not ilegal to deliver anything on Sunday!!

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    Default Re: Beer on Sunday (Indiana) Buisness

    No, it is not.

    Just because you want to call the charge for beer something other than a charge for beer doesn't mean it will fool anyone.

    Why would you drive all the way to Ohio, anyway. Couldn't you just stock up on Saturday?

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    Default Re: Beer on Sunday (Indiana) Buisness

    Is there a shortage of refrigeration in Indiana? Is there some reason people wanting beer on Sunday can't buy it Saturday or any other day of the week.

    And as asked, why would you need to drive to another state? Don't own a refrigerator or two?

    Come on, that is the stupidest excuse for a business plan I have read in a long time.

    There is another way to approach it but I am hesitant to even waste my time. It is called sales for future delivery. Do your homework.

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    Default Re: Beer on Sunday (Indiana) Buisness

    The sale and transport of alcohol is taxed and regulated at the state level. If you don't have a valid transport (distributor) license, you'll find yourself in a world of pain if you're busted bringing alcohol across state lines.

    That's in addition to the problems you'd have selling beer on Sundays in violation of local ordinances, and selling alcohol at all without a proper liquor license.

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    Default Re: Starting a "Beer on Sunday" Business

    Back in the hills where I'm from there was a name for this. It was called bootlegging.

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