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    Default Unemployment Insurance Denied After Receiving the Money

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: New Jersey

    I need some advice on what to do since my unemployment insurance was denied from the claimaint AFTER I had collected money from them. Reason for them appealing - no good cause for leaving work.
    I worked for this company for quite a while when I was offered a position on the grave yard shift for more money and was told by the manager at the time that it was just temporary. I accepted the position since it was only temporary and figured the extra money would be nice. I found myself in this position for over a year. Grave yard shift not a good shift for me and my health started to deteriorate due to lack of sleep, making me delirious. I explained to several of the managers that I needed to get off of the schedule quickly since after all, it was only 'temporary' and if I wasn't able to, I would have to look elsewhere. They all told me to "hang in there", they was no positions open for day shift. I waited and then they offered me 4pm-12am, I took it but that was not much help for me, it was still working nights!!! I did this for as long as I could, then left. Collected unemployment until I could find another job that was a better schedule and maybe go back to school. After collecting for almost a year, I went for an extention. Unemployment denied my claim, said I left for "no good cause" - so I appealed it.
    What rights do I have.......I can't pay back 6000.00 that they are asking for????

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    Default Re: Unemployment Insurance Denied After Receiving the Money

    In some states, quitting a job for medical reasons CAN be a valid cause that does not disqualify you. However, at this late date I would imagine it would be hard to get your doctor to certify that. Other than that, find out if there is a "waiver" available in NJ (I know there is in MD). In MD, you can present your financial situation and collection activity is put on "hold" until you are in a situation where you can start making payments. If NJ doesn't have such an option, if you can, at least offer a token payment plan to show good faith.

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    Default Re: Unemployment Insurance Denied After Receiving the Money

    Hi Patty -
    thank you for your response. I took your advice and looked for NJ waivers for payment back to Unemployment. Nothing for our state. I have the papers but since it is in the appeals process, I have not responded to them about paying the money back until it is determined that I have to. I have gotten a lawyer to help me out in the hearing, and have secured dr.'s notes to back up my claim that I had medical issues while working the grave yard shift. Wish me luck -
    If there is anyone else out there that may have had something similiar happen to them, please let me know how you made out.
    thanks -

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