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    Default Unauthorized Payment on My Debit Card from Direct TV

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Florida

    I was living with my boyfriend for about a year, between May of 2008 & 2009. When I moved in, he purchased cable from Direct TV. It was HIS account, my name was not part of it. Sometimes I would pay for the bill using their website and my debit card number. (I never had a direct payment taken out of my account, it was a month-to-month thing.) I moved out of his apartment almost four months ago. The bill was his, in his name, and his problem.

    I checked my account balance yesterday, and Direct TV has taken $450.00 from it. Come to find out, my now ex-boyfriend never paid the bill once I moved out. I was NEVER notified that this was going to happen. I've talked to three different employees now, and they have all told me that it was in a service agreement that, if the cable was to be canceled, then they would take the payment from the last card that paid the bill. Problem? It's not MY service agreement. I never signed anything, I never saw anything. The company is telling me that I can fax them my bank statement and they will reimburse me the money. However, they cover no overdraft fees or non-paid bills. As you can imagine, $450 is just the beginning of my problems. I'll get tons of overdraft fees, my bills won't be paid because of insufficient funds, and my credit will go under because I won't have the money to pay my loans.

    I am under the strong impression that this is theft. The last person I talked to from Direct TV even went as far as to tell me that MY credit card number is listed as the primary card number, and "their records" show that it is under HIS name. How is this possible?? Can this company get away with stealing my money?

    Basically, I'd just like to know if I should get a lawyer. I see this costing me over $1000. Is there a case here? Thank you so much for your time.

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    Default Re: Unauthorized Payment on My Debit Card from Direct Tv

    In your position, I would certainly be talking to an attorney about suing to recover damages. Sure, you paid the bill from time to time, but you did not sign the service agreement and never agreed to be responsible if your (ex?) boyfriend didn't pay.

    First consultation with most attorneys is usually free.

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    Default Re: Unauthorized Payment on My Debit Card from Direct TV

    What did your own bank say when you protested the charge with it?

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