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    Default check fraud cashing a check over the counter with a stolen


    Sorry for the misspeling, english is not my language.

    Can you please advise me on check fraud? My wife order checks directly from Bank of America from my Business account, I do not know how, forge my signature and chash two checks for $9900 each. The police told me that was Married assets so she comited no crime. However, the check were not from my personal account but a business that I own. I hope all spouse knows this...they can go a get cash

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    Default Wife stole checks

    Is the business incorporated? Are you its sole owner and sole employee?

    Did you try disputing the checks with the bank, on the basis that the signatures were not those of an authorized signer?

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    Default stolen checks

    Thank you for your promt reply,
    by the way, I am living overseas now, my wife let me and went to the US. I will be ther this week I hope.
    Yes, the busines in a corporation 3 years old incorporated in Florida
    Yes, I am the sole owner and employee
    yes, I dispute the last two checks each for $9900 cashed over the counter from the company account, as not singned neither autorizaded by me. In fact 2 hours later after cashing the secound one in a city, she tried to cash a 3er one in another city, but at the same moment, the teller manager call me on the phone, there I said that neither the 3 checks were autorized, was not signed by me and was a forgery signature. The bank manager call the local police inmedatly. the police went to the bank interrogate my wife for one hour and let her go. I also call the both cities police and make a report over the phone.
    Moreover, the checks my wife used to withdraw the $18800 from the BAnk, she got them from the same BAnk by mail, I do not khow how the BAnk do not verify the signature and also sent checks to some one diferent than me to other address that the one of the corporation, to totally new address and person. I believe this is check frau, signature forgery and identity thief. Shall her be commiting a crime and be persecuted?
    Best Regards,
    A. Bello

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