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    Default Tire Shop Installed Tire Wrong, and It Fell Off in Travel

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Montana

    We bought 4 new tires from a "reputable" shop, and 6 weeks later, we take it on a County maintained dirt road,,, a tire falls off.
    3 of 5 lug bolts SHEARED at the hub. We have since called 7 different tire specialists to ask them what would cause this. 2 of this tire shops own employees <names, dates, and times are recorded> have told us there are ONLY 3 reasons the lugs would shear like this, "under torque, over torque, or they were cross threaded when installed."
    That's 7 tire specialists all agreeing. including thier own employees.
    The shop sent 2 guys out to FIX it, without even introducing themselves they break the truck even further. They had it towed to a shop here in town, that is being sued by a few different folks that we heard of. At that point we INSISTED that they take it to a proper mechanic, rather than an out of business gas station. We called this out of business gas station, and told him "do not touch my truck, we are having problems with the "tire company". This 3rd party gas station, ignored me telling him do not touch my truck, and un installed old parts, took a grinder to new parts, added new parts, then removed the new parts, he then re-installed the old parts before we could get there and take pictures, which we had been doing since the incedent occured.That was his idea of not touching our truck. That's when we insisted the tire shop take my truck to another mechanic, and called the police to report the vandalism. Not only did they comply with the demand to move our truck to a "truly reputable shop", we have a recorded message from the regional manager of this "tire shop", saying, and I quote, " I'm just going to take care of this <this being the repairs> and be done with it". Now, they are refusing to replace what's broke by this incidence, for what reason, they wont tell us.
    They are insisting we are to get USED replacement parts as well.
    They've lied to us, laughed at us, stranded us, abandoned us out a dirt road with no water and generally treated us like dummies.
    All we are asking, is that this tire shop, be accountable for it's mistakes, and replace ALL the pieces they broke in their ADMITTED neglegance.
    HELP !!!
    Sincerely,Tina young
    ps. not sure if it matters, but here it is a week later, and i can not make it to my doctors appointments anymore because of this situation. we have been left with no vehicle and we live 15 miles out of town. 35 miles from one of my doctors, and 100 miles away from my second MD specialist.

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    Default Re: Tire Shop Installed Tire Wrong, and It Fell Off in Travel

    what you need to do is take your car to a garage of your choice, have them fix it (and pay for it of course). Then, take the bill to the tire guys and offer to let them reimburse you. If they refuse, you may be relegated to suing them in small claims court.

    as to them not paying for the damage the closed gas station repair guys did may simple be because the tire guys did not do that damage. You may end up with a separate action against them.

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    Default Re: Tire Shop Installed Tire Wrong, and It Fell Off in Travel

    solid sounding advice indeed.
    But get this, the chief of police is the one who responded to the "closed gas station" scenario. This was friday, and it took us a phone call a day, to the Chief, to insist he file a police report. it was FINALLY filed today,6 DAYS LATER !!!
    Seems we've learned over the past few days, the Chief and this gas station guy, are bestes of friends.

    so,, good call on that part of it being a "seperate" situation.
    my wife is in town picking up this "police report" now. so,,,, i bet i'll be back with more instanity.

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