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    My son is going to court next week and we've been told he'll be offered a plea bargain (5 yrs. prob.)This is a case that his lawyer firmly believes he could win at trial but he does not want to sit in jail for 1-2 yrs waiting for a trial.How soon could he be released if he accepts the plea?

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    If he bonds out he won't have to sit in jail pending trial.

    If he enters a guilty plea to some offense and in fact is sentenced to probation with no additional jail time, he should be released very soon after his sentencing. He can discuss with his lawyer the procedures for processing somebody out of jail in his undisclosed state and county.

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    Thank you for your response.We can not afford his bail or that would definately have changed our decision.He has not had a chance to speak with his PD (he's been in jail for 2 mo.)I was able to get through to her one time and she promised to speak with him but that never happened.Thank you again.

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    Hi, I have the same problem. My wife and I had an argument and I through a plastic bottle (not to hit her) to stop the argument. The bottle hit her hand and caused a cut to her finger, 3 stitches. I was arrested and a court date scheduled for next month.
    How long is the anger management course?
    Does anger management mean to be on active probation?
    Can I leave the country if to be found guilty and put on probation?
    What are my chances of getting the case dropped?
    I do not have any criminal record.

    Please help.


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