I lost 70% of my small intestine in 3 operations due to medical negligence. The 2 defendants had admitted liabilities.

I have the chance to go for intestinal transplant which costs USD814,500 for the first year and this will allowing me to avoids the life-long medical treatment.

However, the alternative to this intestinal transplant is relying on life-long medical treatment (less than USD300,000) and this is strongly proposed by the defendantsí lawyer.

Judging from the legal climate in this country, I am very likely to receive the life-long medical treatment.

a. Please advise what can I do further should the judge ruled in favor of the defendants?

b. Is that my right to chose to have the intestinal transplant rather than letting the judge deciding for me?

c. Should I take up the life-long medical treatments when I can opt for intestinal transplant?