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    Default Do I Fit the Requirements For Emancipation

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: Virginia
    I'm 16 years old living with my parents that are together and my three siblings. On a nearly daily basis I have to take constant verbal abuse or physical. My older sibing which I might add is over 24 and she is always making messes or doing something that my parents always want me to clean up after and is always in business this also applies to the two younger ones as well. My parents have also picked favorites and I'm not eithers. I also have to take their verbal abuse or physical on a nearly daily basis. Everything that happens that is usually something being missing or broken I'm constantly blamed for it and I'm usually nowhere nearby. I need to know if I fit the requirments to be emancipated and also need to know of any programs or anything that would be beneficial afterwards.

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    Default Re: Do I Fit the Requirements For Emancipation

    Read the threads stickied to the top of the forum, as you were instructed to do before posting. You will read, plain as day, that "I don't get along with my parents" is not a basis for emancipation.

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    Default Re: Do I Fit the Requirements For Emancipation

    When you have a job that will earn you enough to pay for rent (in a place where you are not dependent on someone else - that means not living with friends or relatives), food, clothes, utilities, transportation, medical care, insurance, school fees and supplies, and all the other incidentals of life, and while working at this job you are also continuing in school and getting good (not average) grades, THEN it will be time enough to ask if you have a valid reason to be emancipated. EVEN IF YOU DO (and based on what you've posted you don't), you are wasting your time looking into it unless you have the means to be totally self-sufficient.

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