My question involves criminal law for the state of: CA

I am researching for a friend of mine. She was an employee at a video game store and they locked her in a room with three males and basically forced her to sign a statement stating that she took merchandise (i.e signs, systems) from the store. She did do this, but because they had functions to promote the store (church functions,etc.) All the stuff she "took" was returned. They took her store keys and suspended her. They told her they had her on tape stealing, but would not show her the tape. Later they tried to get her to come back. she declined, saying that she felt that she had been fired. She applied for unemployment and then got a job at a different video game company. Eventually her name showed up in this database. Is there a way to get a copy of the "signed document" they have on file? Do they have to give her a copy if she requests one? If the store filed this report falsely , how can she get it removed. This affected her unemployment as well.

Thanks for your time.