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    Question Evicted from Storage Unit

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: Florida

    My friend (I will refer to him as "Renter") has been evicted from a storage unit. He received this notice on 8/25/09. It says the following:

    "Dear "Renter",

    As a result of your failure to comply with the terms and conditions set forth in your Storage Rental Agreement, I am hereby informing you that your contract will not be renewed.

    We hereby give you 30-day(it says 30 in print, however they scribbled over it and wrote 2 with a pen) notice to vacate storage room #****.

    Your belongings must be removed from this facility no later than 8/26/09.(Date is hand written)


    **** and **** ****. "

    The print date on the bottom of the pages is 8/25/09

    Renter had payed for rent on 8/15/09, and has not received any type of refund.

    There are many factors involved. First of all, the people who made the eviction notice were fired on 8/25/09, hours before he found the notice on the units door. Uhauls stated proof of use for residence was that they saw online videos with the title "Living in A Storage Unit". Nowhere in the videos did it state the unit number, address, city or state of the location. In reality, the person in those videos lived with their parent. This person is a friend of "Renter". These videos can no longer be found online. New management was put into place on 8/25/09.

    Is this sufficient enough evidence for eviction? Is there a way "Renter" could get a refund or use of the storage unit back?

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    Default Re: Evicted from Storage Unit

    So they caught you having somebody stay in your storage unit and found YouTube videos documenting that fact, and you're wondering if... what are you wondering? There are lots of storage units around, and you've burned your bridge with this one - rent a different one, get a truck, and move your stuff.

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