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    Default Potential Land Developer Problem in Future


    I bought a house in PA last year. I own a house and detatched garage on one lot, and also own the lot next to me which is empty.

    A few weeks ago I contacted a prior owner of the property (two owners ago) to ask some questions about work she had done when she owned the house. Anyway, through the course of our conversation she warned me to "watch out" for a developer who is putting in a new subdivision behind me.

    Apparently he approached her at one point asking to purchase the empty lot so he could build a road to his subdivision. Of course she refused, as would I. Shortly thereafter he mailed her some sort of letter asking for the land. Enclosed was a $1 bill.

    She ignored his letter and kept it along with the $1 bill. Five years later she sold the house and adjacent lot and gave the new owners the letter and $1. When I bought the property last year nothing was ever mentioned about any of this.

    Closing was uneventful, no right-of-ways, no easement issues, etc. To the best of my knowledge I am the sole owner of both lots.

    I am curious as to what the developer was up to by sending a letter and dollar bill? To me it doesn't sound like a legal transaction, but who knows.

    Is there any possibility that I will wake up one morning to the sound of bulldozers plowing up my yard making a new road to his subdivision?

    I find it hard to fathom that anyone would try such a thing and it being legal. I know this developer and he does have a reputation for "making property lines move" as one neighbor tells me.

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    Default Re: Potential Land Developer Problem in Future

    For a while (I don't know if they're still trying) companies were including a dollar or similar small payment in their correspondence then claiming it created a "business relationship" that allowed them to circumvent "do not call" lists. What this guy had in mind? I couldn't tell you. There may have been an indication of his plan in his letter, or had somebody asked him. I can't simply mail you a dollar then later claim an ownership interest in your land - conveyances of real estate must be in writing and signed by the party against whom enforcement is sought.

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