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    Default Leased Vehicle Part of Bankruptcy

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: NYC.

    1. Leased vehicle in accident (my fault) with $6100 worth of damage. $10,000 buy out. Leasing at $499 until 10/10
    2. Same vehicle was towed from autobody shop for $1200 worth of tickets (not mine).
    3. Can't get vehicle out of shop b/c I don't have the money#1 and the vehicle is registered in the name of the person who also dissappeared with the check for $6100 issued by the insurance company
    4. Car note 2 months behind ($499.00/monthly)
    5. Personal loan in default $14,000
    6. IRS bill $2600
    7. CC bills totally $7,000
    8. misc debt totalling $4,000

    I don't see clear out of this financial mess with the 2 1/2 jobs I have. I would be able to pay my bills if I did not sign a loan and basically hand over the money to an unscrupulous person.I'm thinking about filing for Chap 7 because I cannot see my way out of this big disgusting mess.

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    Default Re: Leased Vehicle Part of Bankruptcy

    It does make sense to consult a bankruptcy lawyer. You can talk to your lawyer about reporting the money your friend owes you as assets, to see if the trustee or your creditors want to pursue him.

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