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    Default Wrongful Death

    My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: Texas.
    My 30 yo son was recently hospitalized for cellulitis due to staph infection. He spent almost two weeks in the hospital and had I&D performed on his arm. He died 3 days after discharge due to acute mixed drug intoxication. He had a history of drug abuse. He was discharged on MS Contin and OxyIR along with Alprazolam. Should the hospital have discharged him with these medications when they knew he had history of drug abuse?

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    Default Re: Wrongful Death

    He got the staph infection how? From shooting heroin? If so, odds are the ER's pain meds didn't do much for him.

    Even addicts are entitled to adequate pain relief. And, unfortunately, addicts will lie through their teeth both about the state of their addiction and about their levels of pain in order to get pain medications that they don't need, or above and beyond what they do need. Did his "acute mixed drug intoxication" also involve street drugs or medications that were not prescribed to him? Clearly it involved taking more than his prescribed dose.

    I understand your frustration, but what do you believe the hospital could or should have done? They could not keep him inpatient forever.

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