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    Default Did I Commit Fraud

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

    I worked for my mother's store. I was an authorized signor on the checkbook and listed as a Vice President with the bank. I wrote all the checks and did all the banking. Over the past six months, she has good days where we're (myself a co-manager) are great and days where she says we're fired. On Monday, she sent us a letter via her husband, also a VP stating we were fired, but could work at a reduced salary. The other co-manager and I decided maybe it would be best to get off the roller coaster and said as much. My step father took the checkbook with him Monday, but came into my office and gave me checks stating my mother would be in contact regarding severance. The next morning, she instructed me to go to the bank, get a certain amount in cash, gave me the PIN to use for cashing purposes (which I didn't have before) and to bring the money to her house and she would disperse. I did as instructed. I didn't hide my face, I signed the checks and endorsed them. I did nothing to try and "hide" cashing the checks. I then took the money to their house. My step-father's car was in the driveway. No one answered when I rang and knocked, several times. I left the bag with the cash between the screen and the door and went home (had an alternate schedule that day). A short time later I start getting calls that I had stolen the money and committed fraud, and that I would be prosecuted if I didn't return it. I told them where it was. Wednesday was the same thing, Thursday the same and today to same.

    Did I commit fraud? I didn't keep the money, had no intent of doing anything illegal, and didn't even try to hide that I cashed the checks. ? There are issues about my mother, I won't go into those, however, from a legal standpoint did I do anything wrong?

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    Default Re: Did I Commit Fraud

    You have not yet bothered to even check to see if the bag of cash is gone?

    You have a problem as I see it in that, even if you were so reckless as to leave a bag of cash inside somebody's screen door, it could prove quite difficult to convince others to believe that story.

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