On January 27, 2002 My Mother died of a bloodclot at a hospital in Virginia Beach. She was 37 years old. I'll try to keep this short until someone wants more info. My mother was born with hip dysplasia. After she got her tubes tied, she gained a lot of weight. Her doctor told her she would have to drop the weight or get a hip replacement. She ended up getting gastric bypass surgery, and wasnt able to eat solid food for about a year or 2 after that. As we finally thought she was recovering, she starting complaining about a pain in her leg, and how she thought she may possibly have a blood clot. (Im assuming she had one before, or else knew the symptoms well) Well she went into the doctor on Monday, they admit her. The doctors exact words to her and my dad after he asked them to put a filter in her chest "just to be safe" were: "Denise, If you had a blood clot, you would be dead." 4 am on i believe thursday of that week we got a call saying my mother had died of a blood clot. I was 12 then. Im 20 now and want some answers. I talked to my dad briefly. He said he tried hard to sue. He was told that each hospital would just pass it off to the previous hospital she was in. Example "Well she wouldnt have had a bloodclot of hospital A had not done this" etc. And they would keep passing the blame around. i know thats not a lot of details and i can get more if anyone thinks they can help. Again i was young and i understand that money wont bring anyone back but i still feel like someone needs to pay for this. thanks for any help anyone can provide.