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    Default Can I Quit with Cause Over Discipline for Documenting a Safety Issue

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: California

    Can I quit with cause under these circumstances without jeopardizing an acceptance of an unemployment claim?

    Co-worker has meltdown and quits. cites me for reason this time. leaves but later retracts quitting

    Before leaving spent time systematically causing mischief in one of our buildings, no actually damage but disruptive and not an impulse act but thought out.

    Not knowing what she may do the next time either to the business or my own property (this was her third episode in a year) and if I might be held libel legally or morally if there was actual damage done later (and also now paranoid at what she might do to me while I worked though this was not stated). I documented the act as neutrally as possible with a cover letter explaining why I felt required to do so and submitted it to the owner who was not aware of what was done.

    Meeting held after submission but before the document was read. We were both put on a thirty day review reprimand. Told anything more brought to her attention by either one of us would have us both terminated. willingly went back to work and we had several good days together until I left with an injury

    Upon contacting the owner with the doctor release to return was told not to come in for 2 additional days. Was also told at that time she had just read the document felt it was serious and we had to talk about its contents.

    Upon returning to work was met instead with their resource attorney. Was cited the reason for the meeting were the concerns that had been submitted by the coworker (and already addressed with resolution in the previous meeting). Was told that was why I was now being put on an indefinite unpaid administrative leave per the owners directive to her.

    I believe I am being punished for submitting the documentation especially since the exact issues had already been adressed with an action reported to us; the workplace had been back in harmony; and to my knowledge nothing was done to the other worker, she was working as usual.

    could this have a foundation for a quit with cause? I could have quit right after documenting her actions citing concerns for my safety but that isnt me so feel that is probably off the table though it remains out there.

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    Default Re: Can I Quit with Cause Over Discipline for Documenting a Safety Issue

    No, if you quit for this reason you will not get unemployment.

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