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    Default Seattle Area Paralegal


    I need a recommendation for a Seattle Wa area paralegal that can help me put the correct forms together for a custody modification.

    I cannot afford my attorney currently at $300 per hour as I'm unemployed and this should be a fairly straight forward custody change request as CPS is now involved as is the King County Sheriff's office.

    I am the father and need help for my children, any referrals would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Seattle Area Paralegal

    First, try the yellow pages.

    Secondly, a paralegal or someone similar can provide you with forms that you can then fill out yourself.

    The paralegal can NOT help you fill out the forms. That would be the unauthorized practice of law. I don't know about your state, but here in Florida the Supreme Court puts people in jail for UPL.

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    Default Re: Seattle Area Paralegal

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    Thank you Mr. Know It All.

    The reason I need the paralegal is to help me identify which forms I will need. I'm happy to have the papers served by a friend, do 100% of the leg work by filing, paying for every fee as they need to be paid.

    What I don't know is which forms I will need in King County, WA. This is an insane process and I have a new found respect for attorneys. I have always appreciated them and what they do, lord knows my attorney has been great for years, however I am unable to afford their retainers right now.

    So I need to know what forms and someone to ensure that I've filled them out "as appropriately as someone can advise me".

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