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    Default Made a Complaint, and My Identity was Disclosed


    I was curious if I could sue a independent living services company that supplies staffing support to my house for emotional distress or mental distress for the following:

    - A staff was acting inappropriately as well as humiliating to both my roommates and myself and after I tried to ask her to stop and it didn't work. I wrote a grievance letter to her supervisor explaining that I wanted to be kept as anomynous. Her supervisor in turn came to my home at 7 am and proceeded to tell me that I would be revealed as a complainer to the entire support staff, including the offensive staff.

    I felt very uncomfortable and told the supervisor that I had said in the letter that I had wished to remain unknown due to fear of retaliation. She continued to tell me that I was already revealed to the acused staff as the writer of the complaint and since then the staff has treated me more rudely and on a personal level. Since this incident the accused staffer has started to lay down personal attacks on my character and acting strange including trying to get me evicted from my home. Needless to say I am very upset and have been suffering both mentally (I am a mentally ill adult with developmental disabilities whose ) and physically (Back aches, chronic pain, poor immune system - I got a doctors note too).

    Can I claim emotional/mental distress for what they've been putting me through?

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    Default Re: Do I Have the Option of Suing

    What makes you believe that your identity must be kept secret when you complain about staff members?

    I have no information about what the "personal attacks on my character" are, nor what "trying to get me evicted from my home" involves or whether that's arguably a proper response to things you're doing. I suggest consulting legal aid in your undisclosed state.

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