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    Default Stopping child support after learning a child is not yours.

    I am a man that is currently having child support taken out for a 10 year old daughter. I have been paying child support now for 4 years. When the mother and I seperated ( never married ) I was not really working and she took me to family court. At the time of the hearing, the judged ASKED if I wanted to have a paternity test done. I could not afford the $175 at the time so I said no. I truly believed that the child was mines anyway. Now some years later a friend of mines had gotten a D.N.A. kit and I thought it would be cool to try it out. I did. :shock: BAM!!! :shock: My test came back that my daughter was not mines. Well, I have since had official tests done by different places and they all say the same thing. She is not mines. :cry: What can I do to stop the child support payments and have my name removed from the birth certificate? If it is too late to do so then can you tell me if there is a time limit for a man to have these things done if they find out that a child is not theirs? I have a few men friends that have found out they are not the father of their perspective child but have been told that there is nothing they can do. They are trapped. Tell me it isn't so. :cry:

    I also recieved a booklet from family court saying that a paternity test HAS to be done before child support is granted. How true is this in the State of NY? :?:

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    Careful...thats a touchy subject round here !

    I'm from NYS and going thru it as well. Did you sign an acknowledgement of paternity ?

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