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    Default Can I Represent Myself After Hiring a Lawyer

    I recently posted a question about using a lawyer in a pro-per case. So, I went and hired one (one I've used for years). Now, I believe I can represent myself and would rather because I think if I show up with a lawyer the plantiff will then ask for a lawyer and the hearing will be postponed. I'd like to just get it over with. So can I, not fire her, but tell her I'd like to represent myself? Even tho I signed a contract and gave her a retainer?

    THe back story: I got a ppo (ex parte) against my ex for assualt. AFTER he was served he tried to get one, but they denied him - and we have a hearing. I believe it'll be quite easy to represent myself b/c I have texts, emails and other evidence which proves he's full of it. Also the timing of his petition says it all.

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    Default Re: Can I Represent Myself After Hiring a Lawyer

    If your lawyer has appeared in the case, your lawyer may need to be released by the court. Talk to your lawyer about what will be involved in withdrawal, and about settling your fees.

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