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    Default Animal Porn

    This question is regarding law in the state of California:

    I'm well aware that acts of beastiality are illegal ( either specifically outlawed as such or as acts of animal cruelty ). However, I was curious about one thing: Is possession of animal porn illegal? By animal porn I mean video or still pictures of sexual acts involving both humans AND animals.

    Yes, I wonder about some strange things, I know. Despite my continued efforts, however, I have been unable to find a definitive answer. The curiosity is KILLING me, lol.

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    Default Re: Animal Porn

    Unless some legislator had a reason to make a separate code section, I imagine that it would be the same as any other pornagraphy.

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    Default Re: Animal Porn

    In Washington State, the legislature specifically included animals in our sex offenses laws.

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    I believe CA prosecutes them under animal cruelty laws - when they are prosecuted at all - and not under pornography statutes. In general, I do not believe animal porn is, per se unlawful in CA.

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    Default Re: Animal Porn

    It's much easier to destroy the animal porn (delete the files and wipe the whitepsace) or destroy the DVDs than it is to even keep it. I won't judge on the forum but even my "furry" friends (all 3 of them) don't own this crap. Two worked with PETA in the past and are against any type of animal abuse.

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