Hi everybody
I have some great news. After living for 3yrs &2mths in the US, I finally became a Naturalized US citizen 08/14/09
it was a great feeling. Many of my friends think this was alittle too fast based on the years they've lived here and have still failed to secure legal stay here. I'd like to thank people like knowitall and afew others who helped me answer a batch of questions without having to pay for an attorney.
I am one of those people who believes i don't need an Attorney if i haven't committed no crime. many of my friends made me believe that i truly needed one but i stuck to my belief and i look back today, and all i can say is; I am proud of all the decisions i made and also i am glad i enjoyed expert law.
Thanks guys again
success to all that are still in the process. The one advise i can give to all is be truthful with the immigration officers and it'll take you a long way.