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    Default Roommate Owes Back Money for Bills

    My question involves a roommate in the State of: Massachusetts

    Both of this are on lease so I know he legally owes me for rent. We had a verbal agreement about the utilities: we would split them. He stopped paying his half and up and moved out leaving me with bills, because he says the utilities are in my name so he owes me nothing. Is that true? I have filed papers in small claims court but now I'm nervous that I may not have a case. Any advice?

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    Default Re: Roommate Owes Back Money for Bills

    Of course it's not true.

    Show up for court and state your case. It will be up to him to prove that he never used any of the utilities and therefore doesn't owe. Neat trick, never using electricity, gas or water whilst living somewhere.

    (People try that stunt all the time, and I've yet to hear of anyone successfully defending a claim of "but I don't owe a share of utilities because my name isn't on the bills".)

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