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    Angry Second Federal Extension Claim

    My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: Califonia
    I started my claim originally on 07/23/08 and it expired 07/18/09. As of 06/13/09 my first federal ext. was exhausted, so I was now claiming money from my 2nd fed. ext. which the max. benefit is $5800. When I received my last payment, it had been 1yr since I filed. It was for the weeks of 07/11 and 07/18. The summary attached to the check stated that my claim balance after the pymnt. is $3600, and included was an identical 2 wk claim form like all the others that I was waiting to send in on 08/02/09.

    In the mean time I received a letter dated on 07/23/09 stating add. instructions were needed, if not failure to do so may result in denial of my benefits. It stated that I had a prior unemployment claim, and I couldn't be paid on new claim unless you worked as an employee between 07/20/08 and 07/18/09 earning at least 1300 in one quater or at least 900 in the highest quater. I was informed to send in copies of check stubs. This all made no sense what so ever to me, so I called and actually was able to get a hold of someone at EDD. I read the letter and asked why this was sent. He advised me that I sounded misleading and that he would send an email letter of response to the appropriate office in charge of my claim and benefits. This was on 07/26/09.

    I sent in my weekely claim for the weeks ending on 08/02/09 waited for over ten days, called into the automated system as usual, and it stated that It couldn't pull up my info using the 4 digit passcode entered. Well that's the same one I've always used, tried several other times and was given the same message. So without being able to get through to anyone at EDD over the phone, I still am waiting for my check to arrive and still waiting to get my pin resolved.

    On 07/28/09 I received a letter of insurance award indicating that my claim begins on 07/19/09 and ends on 07/17/10 with a weekly amount of $408 and max benefit amt of $9043. So I went from receiving $450 to $408. I don't understand why this amount has changed if I was still in the middle of collecting benefits from my 2nd fed. ext. and why I had previously received a two week claim to send in on 08/02/08 with my other benefit amount of $450. How could this all change while everything else was still in affect. It also provided me with a claim form to send in for just one week 07/18/09-07/25/09.It didhave a second week nor did it state how much I would receive once processed. Now I'm still waiting for either the first august claim I sent into EDD on 08/01/09 or the 2nd claim form I sent that was last provided to me with the packet for the newly dated claim period through 2010.

    I need help figuring out how to go about straightening out all of EDDs confusions, since I can't seem to get an agent on the phone. Even when I do, they advise me everything would be taken care of, sorry for the mix up, and to keep sending in the claim benefit forms as usual. Well I did follow normal procedures, and guess what I'm still waiting a half a month later to receive money that would have been here weeks ago! Help....

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    Default Re: Second Federal Extension Claim

    We have no access to EDD records or your wage history. If you can't figure things out from this (or similar materials you find), you will need to wait on hold and talk to somebody at EDD.

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    Default Re: Second Federal Extension Claim

    Hi scbabe,

    I am interested to hear about the status of the problem you are having with CA EDD. Was it already resolved and straightened out?


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    Default Re: Second Federal Extension Claim

    Well I finally received one check in the amount of 450 for the week of 09/12/09 which stated that my claim balance after that was 0. Then a few days later I received another check in the amount of 450.00 stating it was for the weeek ending 09/13/09 but this time the balace of my claim was 8550.00 Now I must fill in the job search info now before I send in the claim forms.
    I'm still not sure how they ended up handling my claim the way they have, but at least they have managed to start sending out my benefits again. As far as being able to get someone on the line to discuss anything, I still have yet to be connected after waiting through all the phone promts!

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