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    Default Evicting Roomates from My House


    Ok. I am the owner of a house. Me and my girlfriend broke up. The only way for me to afford the house was to move my friend and his wife in. There is no lease, or any written agreement about anything. They give me cash each month.

    There is not exactly a problem with anything yet, but I want to know what my rights are as the homeowner. If I tell them to GTFO will they have to leave right away, or will I have to give them some type of notice?

    He jokes that he could choose to just stop paying rent and live there for basically 90 days before being legally required to leave.

    Need some help with how the law works in this matter pls.

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    You are their landlord. They are your tenants. The process to get tenants out is eviction through your local courts.

    When you let them move in with nothing in writing, you made your case much more difficult for any court trying to protect your interests. You now have little proof to bring to the court to show what was or wasn't agreed upon.

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