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    Exclamation Simple Pardons in Virginia

    My question involves expungements or pardons for the state of: Virginia

    I have a misdemeanor on my record for petit larceny that I obtained when I was 19 and silly. I'm 21 now and I know that employers are going to see this record. It was a huge mistake! What is the best way I could go about writing a pardon and can I find any tips of websites to help? Are there any actions that are looked upon favorably in the pardon process? What is the probability that my simple pardon would be granted? How do i prove that I want/deserve and have reached the extraordinary reasons to be granted a pardon? PLEASE HELP!

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    Default Re: Simple Pardons in Virginia

    You can find information on pardons here. They're rarely issued, and "because I want one" is generally not going to be regarded as a sufficient basis for your petition.

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