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    Default Can I Talk To The Prosecutor

    My father has to go to court for a hearing. I don't know whether it's a criminal or civil charge. A county official has made a complaint against him for breaking the law. Whatever happens, it's only a misdeamnor with a few days jail time and a very large fine.

    Anyway, I would like to talk to the prosecutor about the situation. The situation has been going on for several years and my father has to keep going to court for it (he keeps breaking the same law due to a mental illness). I have some thoughts on how to resolve the issue and prevent if from happening again. I'm sure the county would like this matter to be over with.

    Would it be ok for me to call the prosecutor and ask to speak with him (on the phone) about this? Or would that be out of line? I'm not sure what I would even say.

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    Default Talking to the Prosecutor

    The prosecutor does not have to talk to you, as you aren't a lawyer and can't represent your father in court. (That doesn't mean that you won't get through; but the prosecutor may rebuff you.)

    A misdemeanor is a criminal offense.

    You may wish to look into community mental health options in your county, to try to get your father some assistance with his mental health difficulties.

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