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    My question involves business law in the state of: Oregon

    I'm the President of a recently founded Oregon Nonprofit, we're in the process of completing the 501(c)3 application. The application needs to be accompanied by a copy of the bylaws. The board has not voted the bylaws into effect at this time as we'd like to have them reviewed by a legal professional first.

    Is anyone willing to donate there time to review these for us? I imagine they're relatively short, 3 pages in bullet format.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Nonprofit Bylaws

    I handle the finances at a non-profit, and served on the Alumni Board of my ala-mater, and they make sure the board always includes an attorney. My alumni board introduces by-law changes every year, the "board member-attorney" gives a presentation as to what it is, and we all vote on it.

    In addition, non-profits usually belongs to some type of association, and right now, I have the bill for the annual renewal for our association on my desk, $975.00/year, and they can usually point us to an attorney, or offer us one that does work for their association.

    Having owned businesses, I have belonged to trade associations, and each one offers so many hours of legal counsel each year as a benefit for joining, using their attorney. The benefit here is the attorney is also familiar with that type of business or non-profit. The association I belonged to offers about three hours free consultation a year, beyond which I pay his customery rates.

    And, yes, I had a serious accident at my business once, I scheduled a one hour FREE consultation, and as it turned out, he was familair with the "workman's comp" rules, that industry, and saved me a bundle of aggravation in searching for a knowledgeable attorney at the last minute, in the area.

    And, non-profits gets officers from other non-profits as board members, and it would be simple enough to ask to see the bylaws for a fellow non-profit. We recently had some by-law issues, revisions, and checked with other non profits to see how they handle them. We did this even though the "Chairman of the Board" of our non-profit is an attorney.

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