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    Question Chiropractic Treatment Debt

    hi, 2 years ago, i when to a chiropractic for a back pain, well my insurence a that time only cover 500 a years for a chiropractic issue.

    they offer me the option for a finance with them (total of $2200 for 24 sessions)
    of course they took the 500 from the insurance,

    i never complete the treatment, i did no more than 10 visits, so now hi is sending me a court for a 1700 dollars.

    any ideas of what i can do?

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    Default Re: Chiropractic Issue

    What did your contract say about failing to complete treatment?

    It sounds to me like you're on the hook, but without knowing what your contract said, there's little else anyone can tell you.

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    Default Re: Chiropractic Issue


    Yes you have to check your contract and see if you agreed to pay even if you didn't finish. If so you have several options:

    1. See if you can still get the visits that you pay for and go in and finish.
    2. Try to negotiate a lower settlement where you pay part of the costs and get off paying the rest.
    3. Verify the legality of the contract with your state chiropractic board.

    Sorry to hear this. We never play hardball like this at our office.

    Sorry about answering a dead thread but I think it's valid.

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