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    Unhappy Failure to Appear After Being Summoned for Credit Card Debt

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Iowa Apparently a few months ago I was served papers on a credit card that went bad years ago. Although I never received those papers and as a result I "failed to appear in court" I have since then gotten another bill from the lawyers handling the credit card, with a notice in it that says an arresst warrant had been issued. I then made arrangments to pay the bill. I also was required to turn myself in and pay the bail. What Im wanting to know is what to expect at my court date? Im young and never been in trouble with anything and my parents dont know much. I would just like to know if I need to do anything extra because of the failure to appear thing, or what. Any information would greatly settle my nerves Thanks a bunch!

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    Default Re: Have No Clue What to Expect

    Arrest warrant? For failing to appear to defend yourself over simple credit card debt?

    Credit card debt is a civil matter. If you don't show up to defend yourself, you get a default judgment rendered against you, you don't have a warrant issued for your arrest.

    Unless it was an asset hearing, which is held after judgment is rendered? If it was an asset hearing, then yes, you can be arrested for being in contempt for not appearing for that.

    Get yourself a lawyer, and do it now.

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    Default Re: Failure to Appear After Being Summoned for Credit Card Debt

    This is a bench warrant for your failure to appear for a creditor's exam?

    Have you looked at the court file yet, to find out how you were supposedly served and why you didn't receive the earlier notices?

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