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    Default Shoplifting in Vermont

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Vermont.

    I was caught shoplifting from Macy's Department store in Vermont. The total amount of items stolen is 150 dollars. I made the poor decision of at first supplying the loss prevention associates with false information. When the police showed up i continued to supply the false information in nervousness and supreme stupidity. Shortly after i came clean about my false identification. I was arrested then and taken to the police station so that they could verify my correct information. I made a horrible mistake by shoplifting and continued to make horrible decisions out of fear. I was careless and didnt realize how selfish and destructive my actions were and regret the harm and pain that I have caused a significant amount.

    The Macy's loss prevention associate told me that the store would seek 300 dollars in restitution and that i should pay it as soon as possible (since i could not pay it up front). While at the police station I was only given a citation though for giving false information to a police officer. Does this mean that the burlington police department did not charge me for shoplifting but only for false information? Do i have two charges going against me now even though i received only a citation for one? This is my first offense of any kind and in such a case would i qualify for diversion?

    Also i writing a letter of apology to macy's because i truly feel despicable for the action i committed and want them to know. Would it be legally unsavvy to send such a letter without consulting an attorney first.

    I am so sorry for what i did and so scared and afraid. Can someone please help me? thank you.

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    Default Re: Shoplifting in Vermont. Please Help Scared

    Do not send a letter admitting to guilt in a crime without advise from an attorney....

    How old are you?

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    Default Re: Shoplifting in Vermont

    i am 20 years old.

    I am 20 years old

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