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    Default Rights As an 18 Year Old in Ohio

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: OHIO

    My son recently turned 18 and is not graduated yet. Him and his mother havent gotten along well for quite some time and at 17 she had him put on diversion. He went to see his diversion officer after he turned 18 and they said they signed him off and his case was over. They also told him that he can live where he wants. So he left his mothers and been staying some with me (his father) and sometimes at his grandfathers. Then yesterday i went to child support to try to stop my payments and they said that his mother filled out emancipation papers that said he would not be emancipated till he was 19 but did not tell him he had to go back to his mothers and i had to keep paying, which i have done faithfully. My main concern is that he doesn't get in trouble for leaving his mothers, will he get in trouble for walking out even though he is 18 but still needing to finish school?

    Local child support agency said the only way support will stop is if he drops out of school(which i do not wish for). That is a horrible message for an 18 yr old to hear so i asked them if they thought that had something to do with the towns 67% graduating rate and decided to leave and seek legal help? thanx in advance for any replies!

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    Default Re: Rights As an 18 Year Old in Ohio

    Are you stating that it's a condition of his probation that he live with his mother, and you're... letting him live with you anyway, but don't want to try to use that as a basis to terminate support because you're afraid he'll get sent to jail for violating his probation?

    How about doing it above-the-board - seeing if his probation officer will grant him permission to live with you, then terminating support on that basis.

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