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    Default Can I Still Get a Job with an Infraction

    Name of State = CA
    Just out of curiosity - has anyone had issues obtaining employment due to petty theft infractions? I too have an infraction from an incident that occurred over 3 years ago. I am worried I will never get a job! Can you tell me what your experience has been since you have an infraction also? In CA, we cannot have infractions expunged - which I think is rediculous considering some misdemeanors and felonies can be expunged. I am also in constant stress and anxiety over this. I understand the mistake I made and take responsibility for my actions, but since then I have earned a degree and I am close to earning my masters. I am worried that despite all of this, I will still be denied employment - forever

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    Default Re: Can I Still Get a Job with an Infraction

    It really depends on your chosen field. If you're looking for a job in retail with a shoplifting infraction, you're going to be scrutinized very, very closely.

    Usually, though, employers are looking for felonies, not the thief's equivalent of a parking ticket.

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