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    Unhappy Wrongful Eviction - What Can I Do

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: California
    What can I do? My cousin and her family have received a 60 day eviction notice 4 days ago. They live in a mobile home. She's given other notices on making her basically remodel her home, HER PROPERTY she pays for. She makes her repaint the mobile home, repaint the porch and add a railing to the porch, cover THEIR trash can thats on THEIR property, and so much more, and every time they sent them one of these letters and have had so many misspellings on them its funny to read them. its tough living in California now-a-days they've lived there for 11 years and have ALWAYS paid there rent on time. Never ever has there been problems until this year. She loves watching my uncle struggle making ends meet and he still puts his money into making these so called "repairs" that aren't all that necessary. There family has a mentally challenged child who has grown up there and its a safe environment so he wont be outside in the streets and follow others who have a bad influence on him (not a good area) My uncle doesn't have a steady job, my aunt cant work, and my cousins ALL three don't work, they do receive receive food stamps and my uncle picks up metal and cans and bottles when he can to go recycle and make money for clothes and other necessary items. She also gets mad because of tis because he is bringing trash onto into the mobile park but he gets rid of it the same day or the day after to go get it recycled. my uncle cant sleep and they are afraid the worst will happen and they don't want to go to a shelter, no one in the family drinks or does any drugs. They dont cause problems int he neighborhood. In fact everyone loves my aunt in the mobile home park. Ive seen other properties where the lives in WAY worse condition than hers. I personally believe she is doing this because she doesnt like my uncle. They honestly cant afford to live anywhere else. Please help!

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    Question Re: Wrongful Eviction - What Can I Do

    You brought a lot of other 'stuff' in to the story. WHY is your cousin getting evicted? What is wrongful about the eviction?

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    Default Re: Wrongful Eviction - What Can I Do

    60 day notices are usually not part of an "eviction".

    Sounds to me like your cousin and her family are no longer in a valid lease and are simply being told to vacate the property.

    If so, this is quite legal in reason needed.

    There are no laws in CA that force a landlord to continue to rent to anyone who is not in a legally binding lease agreement.

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    Default Re: Wrongful Eviction - What Can I Do

    As Lill says, they may just want them to leave the property. There is nothing wrongful but we need to know the whole story.

    Do they have a current rental lease agreement? If so, when does it end? If not, you can assume that it is month to month and unless your family's neighborhood is part of rent control or rent stabilization, there isn't much they can do.

    Please give us some details so that we may be able to better assist you.

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