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    Angry Rental is in Foreclosure, Landlord's Ownership is Questionable

    I live in a small crooked town in Oklahoma. I signed a lease agreement with a company well now one person. We have been in the house for 18months and the lease was up 6 months ago. I have asked for another contract but the person is trying to push us into buying the home. We have made all our payments and this person has not done anything they said they would do. Now the home is going into foreclosure because the payments we where making to him, he was not making to the bank. I asked to meet with him because I went to the court house and there is no deed in this persons name to the home I am living in. He showed me a hand written quitclaim deed that was notarized by a man I know is crooked and know the notary was not present at the time of the signing of the quitclaim deed because I asked. He also showed me a power of attorney for the sale of the property not renting or leasing the property the sale of the property. After seeing all of this I started asking the people around me about the true owners of the home well the ones on the quitclaim deed. I found out the parties where illegal and moved back to mexico! So what does this mean? Who's home is it I mean I know it is not mine but do not want to put out the extra money to stop the foreclosure if the whole thing is not legal in the first place. At this time me and my husband can not get a mortgage anyway. But have talked to the bank and foreclosure attorney and know i can pick the house up at the foreclosure sale for about 50k less than what we where going to pay for the house anyway... I am just confused about the legality of the quitclaim deed it has never been filed and also found out the man we are paying to live here has 4 other foreclosures and 2 money judgements and one of the court dates is next month and is an asset hearing.... will this house be included? Please any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Rental is in Foreclosure, Landlord's Ownership is Questionable

    We have no way of evaluating the validity of a deed we've never seen. If it wasn't filed with the register of deeds, the transfer (assuming there was one) isn't complete.

    We have no way of investigating court actions involving this person or what properties may be involved in those actions. You can check the court file for any such lawsuits at the courthouse(s) where any lawsuits are pending.

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