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    Default Posting Nude Pictures and Video of Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriend on the Internet

    My question is this. I have a few dozen nude pictures and a nude video of my ex. The pictures where taken with my polaroid camera and she consented to the pictures and I also have a nude video of her doing several poses that she consented to with a video camera that was rented. I have had these pictures and video in my possession for 18 years and she has never asked for them nor has she ever inquired about them. At the time the pictures and video were taken, she was 20 years old and this all took place in an apartment that we were living together. The state is Pennsylvania and was in Allentown, Lehigh County. What kind of legal trouble would I be in if I were to post these pictures and video on the internet or anywhere else for that matter?

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    Default Re: Posting Exgirlfriend/Exwife Nude Pictures and Video on the Internet

    She could sue you for harassment, to start with. And invasion of privacy.

    Possibly defamation of character if you present them in a context that makes it appear that she"for hire".

    There are a host of civil remedies available to her, all of which will cost you a lot of money.
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    Default Re: Posting Nude Pictures and Video of Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriend on the Internet

    Spend the money on therapy. It'll be cheaper in the long run.

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