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    Default Can You Leave the State if You Are Out on Bond

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Tennessee

    My brother was arrested for domestic and vandalism. He and his girlfriend were having a fight and he got mad at her and slammed his hand on her windshield and it shattered. She went home and called the police on him and said that he hit her and broke her windshield and she told him where he was staying. They came to the place where he was spending the night and arrested him. The police didnt even ID him and just took her word for everything. He did break her windshield, but didn't hit her. He doesn't even reside in the state of Tennessee and they didn't even ask to see his ID. He was in shock and just answered the questions that they asked and he didn't even think to tell them he wasn't a resident of Tennessee. He was released on bond and now he wants to go back to Michigan to attend college for the fall. I just wanted to know if he can leave the state before his court date as long as he returns. He has called the court and the DA's office and no one will give him an answer or even try to help him. Even his bailbondsman won't give him an answer. He told him he sould have told him he wasn't a resident before he bonded him out, but my brother wasn't the one who called him, my step-father did. He doesn't have a place to stay for long and no money for a lawyer. I just wanted to know what he can and can't do. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Can You Leave the State if You Are Out on Bond

    He needs to check the terms of his bond.

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    Default Re: Can You Leave the State if You Are Out on Bond

    Most states will not allow you to leave the state. In most cases, you can get permission from the court to leave, however, you must also get permission from the bail bondsman. I would get this in writing.

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