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    Default Diagnosed with a Sprained Ankle and Ankle Wasn't Injured

    I'm in New York...

    So, I take a hard hit to my tibia bone and go to the ER. I tell them a hundred times it's just below my calf on the inside part of my leg. X Ray tech, is wheeling me back AFTER the X Rays and asks me what happened. I tell her the story and she says "Oh it's your leg not your ankle?" Yep. "Oh I did an ankle series, that's what they told me." Asks me to point where it hurts on my leg. "Oh I think that should show on the x ray, if not I'll have to do it again."

    Doctor comes in a little while later tells me he doesn't see "anything that exciting" on the x ray, but wants me in a splint and to put no weight on it until I see an orthopedic surgeon.

    Nurse comes in puts an air cast on my ankle (wrong btw) and gives me crutches. I complain that the aircast is putting pressure on and really hurting my tibia bone. "Oh my..." "when did your leg up here start hurting" OMG you have to be kidding me, that's why I cam in today! The nurse tells me I might need a short leg splint and not an air cast. Wants to check with the doc. and she says "you know what you have to follow with Dr. --- (the ortho refereed to) right? Just keep on the airsplint and he'll decide to keep you in that or something else."

    Whatever, I'm just happy to get out of there.


    short leg splint:

    I get home from the ER and take the air cast off because the top of it it is digging right into the point of impact on my tibia and causing me a lot of pain. I find out the next day it was putting a lot of pressure on my leg because on the heel it can be adjusted to properly fit around the ankle/leg but did not adjust that causing it to be too tight.

    I look at the paper and the paper I had said the doctor diagnosed me with a sprained ankle! My ankle didn't even hurt and was not injured at all!

    Two days (more like a day and a half I go to the ortho appointment). He looks at my x rays and thinks I am there for an ankle injury. He comes in and asks me whats bothering me, my leg not my ankle is obvioulsy injured. I tell him the story I shared above and told me he had to go look at my x rays to make sure they went up all the way because they sent him an ankle series. He came back in and thought the x ray went all the way up to where the injury was.

    He diagnosed me with a bad contusion, but needed to follow up in a week because if the swelling/pain doesn't go away in a week or two it might be either a hairline or stress fracture... ...but there is no sense of doing an MRI and/or bone scan before we give it a week to get better. (3-4 weeks later I still have pain minor swelling but must wait for my insurance to kick in from work before I go back because I cannot afford a bone scan/mri without it).

    He told me to stay off it for week, use my crutches. I asked if I needed to keep the aircast on because it's really painful to keep on. He said "aircast?" with a starnge look. I showed him. He asked why I had an aircast and I told him because the ER told me I had a sprained ankle. He asked if my ankle hurt. I told him, told him the story of my "sprained ankle" that wasn't sprained. To make a long story short, the air cast was completely useless.

    About two weeks ago I get a bill from the hospital for the ER visit. They charged me $35 for the aircast. $270 for a nurse to "apply" a SHORT LEG SPLINT. I call up billing, she pulls up my chart and tells me that either aircast or a short leg splint, they charge the same to apply either one. I tell them I can understand the charge for the short leg splint, they must you supplies (where as they already charged me $35 for the aircast) and their is more labor to mold a short leg splint onto the leg and wrap it up. Whereas a nurse took 5 minutes to put on an air cast (wrong mind you, causing me pain) om my "sprained ankle" that was never injured.

    Since I went there for a leg injury and they treated me for a sprained ankle that was never sprained and charged me to apply a short leg splint on my actual injured leg that would have relieved the pain from injury, instead of causing more pain to it by applying an aircast to treat my uninjured ankle, is there any way to get out of all or any of this trumped up bill?

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    Default Re: Diagnosed with a Sprained Ankle and Ankle Wasn't Injured

    Probably not. They're charging you for work they performed.

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