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    Default Arrest Records and Prison History Files

    Does anyone know where or how to go about getting prison records or arrest records on an individual on the internet? Specifically websites that are free to the public, My x wifes boyfriend has repeatedly harassed me via phone or text ,but never enough for me to get him on tape for the police to do anything about it. this individual has 3 felony convictions resulting in several years of prison time in state of alabama,plus numerous arrest in ms.I would like to find out as much info as possible so the next time i have to go see the D.A I can present this to him and maybe it will help. thank you in advance for any and all help or directions in this....

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    Default Re: Arrest Records and Prison History Files

    The da or police should be able to see that information. (it might show the person conviction,it's by no means complete at all).You can try searching the state and county,sometimes they have paritly jail records,when they went in,if the person is on parole,etc. Arrest records and more in detail stuff your probably gonna have to pay a decent backround check company to find.

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