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    Default Moving Out Before I Graduate

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Virginia.

    I have done a little research, and as far as I've seen the law states that you cannot move out if you're 18 until you graduate. I was curious if there is anyway to get around this. I will be 18 this year, and the friend I will be getting an apartment with will be 18 very early next year, but we both won't graduate until that June.

    It isn't serious enough to become emancipated, but my friend's single mother is an alcoholic, and my family is very dysfunctional as well. However, to move out our parents would both give us parental consent. Is there anyway that the parental consent would allow us to get an apartment before graduation? We both have jobs, and have reliable transportation to and from school. Any sort of information on this subject would be extremely helpful.

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    Default Re: Moving Out Before I Graduate

    If your parents give you consent to live independently, then you can live independently. You may run into issues if you try to change school districts from where your family lives based on your move, so be careful to follow the school district's rules if that's part of your plan.

    If you're asking if a landlord has to rent an apartment to a couple of minors, emancipated or not, the answer is "no". The landlord can turn you down or require a responsible adult cosigner.

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    Default Re: Moving Out Before I Graduate

    So, being 18 but not having graduated still considers me as a minor?

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    Default Re: Moving Out Before I Graduate

    No. At 18, you're of legal age to move out and live wherever you please.

    If you want to move out before then, you need permission.
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