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    Default Must "LLC" Appear on Business Cards, Etc.

    New York State

    Must LLC appear on all correspondences pertaining to an LLC? As an example must it be on all business cards, stationary, etc?

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    Default Re: Llc, Must It Appear on Business Cards, Etc

    Read the previous thread and various others. Geez, you think we are going to retype it all for you? Why don't you ask, "duh, is I stupid enough?"

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    Default Re: Llc, Must It Appear on Business Cards, Etc

    My understanding is that it should, and if you have a regulated business like I had, car repairs, all of that must have the business license number in addition or I'm in violation. The DMV inspector made me reprint all my business cards, and pointed out, all orders, contracts etc. must have the legal name or DBA, as well the the license.

    We have a DBA, operating under the LLC, which we use in our advertising, yes, business cards, stationery, etc., the the DBA is not supposed to have corp., or LLC as part of it. To be completely safe, why don't you file a DBA for that LLC.

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    Default Re: Must "LLC" Appear on Business Cards, Etc.

    Thank you for replying. I went ahead and filed under an LLC because it turns out that I will have more than one employee and my lawyer recommended I go with an LLC.

    How would I go about filing a DBA if I have already applied for an EIN and completed my article of organization? I am sorry if I ask stupid questions but I have to be honest, I know very little about owning a business.

    I have been in the plumbing industry since 1994 and as an ex-NYC Plumbing Inspector and being three semesters away from graduating nursing school I wanted to continue on in the plumbing industry. For the first time in my life I feel like I have options but I still know nothing about owning my own business but I have a lot of plumbing knowledge so I have decided to finally use it to benefit myself.

    Am I nervous? Scared S-Less but I know I could be a good business man but I need to learn the art of owning a profitable business.

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    Default Re: Must "LLC" Appear on Business Cards, Etc.

    The EIN stays with the LLC, and you can have numerous DBA's under that very same LLC.

    For instance, I set up an S Corp some years back, with it's EIN, and sales tax certificate, for my IT consulting business. Had bank accounts set up for the consulting business.

    Then, I got inactive in the IT consulting business, and the wife decided to go into some mail order business with health products. The IT consulting name is totally unsuited for this business, so we set up a DBA under the the original "S Corp" to do this new line of business.

    No new EIN number is needed since we will be filing the same corporate tax return, under the "S Corp". No new sales tax certificate is needed because we will simply report sales under the same corporate shell.

    We did go down to a bank, and set up a brand new bank account for the mail order business, so when customers issue checks, they won't be buying health products from a "software company". Wouldn't that be confusing?? For the bank though, this DBA account will have the EIN is for the original S Corp for 1099 reporting purposes.

    If I decide tommorow to go into another business, I can set up yet another DBA for that, but the same EIN, and with new bank accounts if neccessary.

    Same idea for the LLC. The EIN number goes with the corporate shell, and ALL DBA's underneath it will share the same EIN.

    Putting it simply, you're doing fine, the EIN is done, just do the DBA.

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