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    Default Law of Contract / Duress

    I am just writing to enquire if a contract my mother and father made my wife write and sign is legal.

    My mother and father have di owned me due to a fall out with my brother. My wife and I had a son.

    As my mother and father wished me dead and said they have no son I stopped my 3 year old son from visiting them.

    The other morning while I was at work my father and mother came and took my wife and child to there house by threatening them with lawyers and jail, my wife keeps not well and she has a fear of these thing so she went.

    They made her write a "contract" to say that they have to see my child and if they cannot make or cancel an appointment it will not go against them. My mother and wife signed it and my dad as a witness.

    She was also watched the whole time in their house except to go to the toilet.

    Is this contract legal? or was it wrote under duress, also can a member of the affected party be a witness, e.g my dad?

    Any advice on this would be great.



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    Default Re: Law of Contract / Duress

    The contract has no legal significance. You can write them a letter to that effect and tell them that they are not welcome at your house, and that if they show up when you're not home your wife will be calling 911.

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