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    Default No Proof of Liability Insurance

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Washington, Tacoma, Pierce County

    Unknown to me, I actually was driving without insurance. I had misplaced the card I keep in the car, and was just too lazy to go online and print a new one. I was pulled over on 09 July 2009 and received a ticket (42/30) SMD and failure to provide liability insurance. When I had got home, I went to print out my card, and realized it had expired 2 days earlier. I called my insurance company and was insured before the day was over.

    My insurace forms state I am insured 09 July 2009 to 12:01 AM 09 January 2010 (assuming policy is paid on time) It does not state what time the insurance came into effect, just the date. Can I utilize that to show to the court I was insured at the time of the citation?

    Today is now the 5th 'court' day since the infraction, and the clerk does not have record of the citation being filed by Tacoma Police. I do know that that is just the electronic filing and possibly its in a paper stack somewhere. I have marked the rear of the citation for 'contested' hoping that the courts will dismiss the insurance, and not file accordingly.

    Any notes in this matter would be appreciated!

    Thank you,

    Joel Baxter

    PS.. Do I need to wait until I receive a court date to file a discovery form?

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