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    Default Caught Shoplifting Bracelets and Necklaces

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: michigan
    I am 31 and I was caught shoplifting at JCPenney's at the mall for some jewelery like bracelets and some necklace sets worth 416$ some dollars. The LP officer took me back after they caught me exiting the store and made me sign the civil demand notice and gave a copy to me and also took my picture for their reference that is what they said. They told me that they did call the police department but they didn't come out to the store and the LP officer told me that the police said to let me go after their paperwork was over. I just got the civil demand fine notice a couple days ago. I am definetly going to pay it in full. This is my very very first offense, nothing prior to that even as a child or even a traffice ticket either. I am very very stressed out about all this and feel very bad and ashamed about the whole incident. I would have never done this in a sound state of mind but I have been diagonised with depression and I am in counselling on a regular basis and on anti-depressants and this whole thing is making me sleepless and ver anxious. I want to know as to what can happen further and are there any chances that after I would pay the civil demand fines of 200$ I might not have to go to court for anything and if there is anyway it can be prevented???? Any idea or help or advise shall be very appreciated and excepted

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    Default Re: Shoplifting Incident

    Just pay the fine and all you can do is wait and see if you gonna be charged.If are you are charged asked about a divserion program that can help you avoid a criminal record. Also call a lawyer if you are arrested.

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    Default Re: Shoplifting Incident

    Depression as an excuse won't go over well with a judge. There are a lot of depressed people who DO NOT make the decision to steal $400+ from a store, in a single visit, in their "very very first" shoplifting attempt.

    $416 of multiple items is going to tell the judge that you have done that before.

    Get a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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