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    Default Blocking a Driveway

    There is no actual ticket issued in the following situation so I didn't want to put it in that section of the forum.

    Let me see if I can verbally get this straight.

    First the layout of the street we were on.

    3 lanes on what is a two way street going through town with the center lane being dual use to turn right or left.

    As we approached an intersection the light was red.

    There were 3 or 4 cars in our lane waiting at the red light.

    There was a driveway on the right to a place that gets a lot of customers.

    The car in front and closest to us was stopped for the light while the rear of their car was at the far side of the driveway.

    There was an oncoming vehicle in the center lane wanting to turn left.

    My friend did not stop at the edge of the driveway that was on our side, she came to a stop right in front of the entrance to the driveway.

    The vehicle wanting to turn left was now parallel to our vehicle as it was on our left side.

    Time passed then the light turned green.

    As we proceeded forward the guy wanting to turn left called my friend an ******* and made his turn.

    Now, I already know that as long as the light is red and we have to stop anyway, it is proper road courtesy to stop on our side of the driveway so that the vehicle wanting to turn left can do so and if the light was green we had the right of way as through traffic.

    The issue at hand is the law. My friend was mad that the other driver yelled what he did to her so I told my friend that she broke the law by blocking the driveway the way she did.

    She says she did not. She also said that what she did was justified because their was no Yield sign.

    I need to know who is right, her or me in a fashion that actually quotes the law but I can't find that in order to show her.

    I found the following in the DL_StudyGuide2007.pdf available at:

    Intersections; Page 38.

    "Intersections are places where traffic merges or crosses. They include: Cross streets, side streets, driveways, shopping center or parking lot entrances."

    So the rules of not blocking an intersection also applies to her blocking the driveway the way she did, especially so with a vehicle sitting there wanting to turn in.

    I found nothing on this matter in the DL_HandbookWeb2007.pdf

    So the road rules apply in this scenario with my friend and I believe that I am correct.

    I can't find actual law to quote to her.

    If a cop had seen this and wrote her a ticket what part of codified law would he have used on the citation?

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    Default Re: A Legal Reference

    Looks to be a courtesy issue as compared to a law/statute issue.

    Common courtesy would've been to stop short and allow the turning party into the drive. ESPECIALLY if the turning party was noticed and she pulled up anyway just to be the southern end of a northbound horse.

    What's the big deal anyway? She's sittin' waiting for the green, so what diff does it make if you're fifteen or so feet further back.

    There is no law issue. Just common courtesy. I would've flung a word too.........

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    Default Re: Blocking a Driveway

    The only reference I can find in TN law refers to "outside of the limits of an incorporated municipality". So if you were in an incorporated municipality, this does NOT apply:

    Quote Quoting TN Section 55-8-160
    55-8-160. Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specific places — Penalty — Exceptions for disabled veterans and handicapped persons. —

    (a) No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle outside of the limits of an incorporated municipality, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with law or the directions of a police officer or traffic-control device, in any of the following places:
    (2) In front of a public or private driveway;
    But, I agree with Dave. It's more about being courteous and thoughtful than about the law. When it costs you NOTHING and you can save another driver some extra time, why NOT do it?


    p.s. An officer MIGHT cite your friend under any "aggressive driver" statutes that may exist, or even "following too close", if they really wanted to.

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