My last employer was in California, but when I called to file in CA the unemployment office said I would receive more money if I file in NV for a few months, then when that runs out file in CA. I have worked in both NV and CA for the past 18months, so she could be right. My problem...I can't get through to the South NV office, so I tried to North NV office and got a ring and questionnaire, so now I'm currently waiting to speak with someone. I hope they tell me I have to call the other office. Anyone know any backdoor numbers for the South NV office? It's busy 24hrs/day, it's crazy!

Also, I need advice if I'm eiligible for unemployment, I have typed up my story and copied and pasted it below. Please let me know what you think.

My dog, Sammy died on Wed. June 24th, I called Ana (one of the floor managers) at 12:00 noon on Thursday June 25th to tell her I was unable to make it in that weekend because of my family dog, as well as my father going into the hospital because of stress and anxiety. I left a message on her voicemail tell her the situation and why I was unable to make it. I then continually attempted to call the restaurant numbers I had available, but there was still no manager available. I left messages with the hosts to have a manager call me back and didn’t receive a call back. So, I had to drive to Vegas to help take care of things, with the cremation of the dog and my father’s health. I spoke with Michelle (Restaurant Manager) at 2:00 in the afternoon and told her I was unable to make it into work because of my dog passing. She said something like, “You are really putting us in a position here, Misty.” I said something like, “Michelle I’m sorry, but I have to be there for my family.” I then continued to call that weekend, but could not reach a manager. I spoke with Chris a server and host to see if he could find a manager and he couldn’t so I asked if he can call to see if someone can cover my Monday shift and I would be able to make it in for my Thursday shift. He never called me back. I continually tried to reach a manager, but there was not one available. I left numerous messages with the host desk for a manager to call me back and still noone called.

I then spoke with Ana on Thursday July 2nd at 11:53 am from Las Vegas to confirm I would be working that night. I told her that I have not received any calls from you them, and was concerned if I was fired or not because I received a direct deposited check in my bank and it wasn’t payday. She explained to me that they had my shift covered, and I was suspended for a week. She did not tell me I was fired. She explained that I would need to speak with Michelle next week to see if I would still be working there. When I went to speak with Michelle the next week she gave me a “employee separation” form that was marked with “job abandonment” as the reason for my resignation. I said “I didn’t abandon my job, I attempted to call many times.” I asked if this was considered a resignation or a layoff or firing, and she said resignation, and I again said but I’m not resigning you’re firing me. I want to work here, and she said that I didn’t have to sign it if I didn’t want to. She also put there I was eligible for rehire.

I did not abandon my job I continually tried to call them all weekend and let them know updates on what was going on. I could not help that this emergency situation had come about. As I said, I did not just leave my job without telling them what was going on, or where I was, I let them know exactly what was going on.