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    Default Property Lines and Fences

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Indiana

    4 foot fence posts have been installed along what I believe to be the property line or maybe (waiting for an answer on this) just inside of the property line on my side. The posts were installed by the seller of the house to the north of me, but the fence rails were never finished by the seller. It appears that if finished, the fence would be 4 feet high. But the buyers of the house never asked who was responsible for finishing the fence. I have looked these posts for two years. And of course there is a big tree in the property line. The new homeowers finished the fence up to the tree (about 15 feet) with a 6 foot high ceder privacy fence with the rail side facing my deck. Now I look at 4 ft. posts and a 6 ft. fence and rails. I have been told that it is his fence and he can do whatever he wants. My main issue is inconsideration on his part for not discussing the building of the fence and assuming the posts belonged to him. To compromise, I asked him to take off the ugly wood post caps and put my solor lights back up. This lead to an argument and he never let me say a word. In otherwords the long laundry list came out and we could not just discuss the fence issue. I finally told him to get off my property.

    Now, what rights do I have to the fence that sits on the property line.

    Thank you for helping.

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    Default Re: Property Lines and Fences

    Once you find out if it's on your land or theirs, let us know.

    Meanwhile, check your local ordinances - the fence, as constructed, may not be compliant. You can also check to see if they had a permit to erect the fence (if required where you live) and if any required inspection occurred.

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