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    Default Witness Intimidation

    I have been named as a witness in a civil suit in Alaska. The complainant filed her original papers against the defendant claiming that I am the actual person at fault for her injuries and that I was acting as this persons surrogate.
    In her filings she calls me a drug addict and dealer which is untrue. (She made these and other allegations against me to the police. After investigation, they were found to be unfounded.)
    Alaska statutes regarding "witness tampering/intimidation" include falsely accusing a witness of a crime. Does that pertain to her statements in the court complaint and other filings as well?
    I am not a named defendant, but feel as if I am also being put on trial. She has used this tactic with other suits, each time naming me as a "surrogate" of the defendant, but never accusing me directly of committing any crimes other than acting as their surrogate.
    This is different. By accusing me of such crimes in her legal filings, she is attempting to cast bad light on my testimony and that, I think, is witness tampering. Is it? If so, what can be done?
    Also, should the fact that I've been named as an alleged "surrogate" of other parties be briefed? She lost all the other cases but not until they went through AK Supreme Court.
    Both parties are filing pro se.

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    Default Re: Witness Intimidation

    The allegation in a complaint that a defendant or witness did something wrong is not "witness tampering." Making a witness look bad in court is not "witness tampering".

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